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    Losing focus on itemEditor



      I have two datagrids on my flex application.


      One datagrid contains a list of order numbers and their price.  The price is editable.


      The second datagrid contains the parts that are within the order.


      I have it set up that when you click on the order number, it automatically populates the other datagrid with the parts within that order.  This is done by using the click="" event in the first datagrid.


      When i click on a price the itemEditor begins, however it quickly ends when the application populates the other datagrid with the parts.  When it has to add/remove a scrollbar in the parts datagrid (too many parts to be listed in the datagrid so it adds a scrollbar), the itemEditor loses focus and that terminates the itemEditor.


      How can I prevent this?  How can I keep the focus on the itemEditor the whole time?


      Thanks for everyone's help!