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    Multiple output folders




      I have an Actionscript project with one main application and several sub-applications.

      My wish is to be able to publish the sub-applications to custom folders (eg. assets/subpages), other than the output folder defined i Actionscript build path. Is this at all possible, or would it be a better approach to create a separate project for assets?



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          Jason San Jose Adobe Employee

          Create a separate project for the assets.


          Optionally, to automate pushing the SWFs to the main proect, you can create an assets folder in the main projects source folder and setup your sub-application projects to point to that folder as an output folder which you setup as a linked resource.


          To create a linked folder resource to an absolute file system location:


          1) File > New > Folder

          2) Advanced>>

          3) Specify a folder name "output" (you could even name it bin-debug if you delete the original folder)

          4) Specify the main project's assets folder relative to the workspace: "DOCUMENTS\MainProject\src\assets"

          5) Change the output folder of your sub-application to "output"


          Jason San Jose

          Software Engineer, Flash Builder

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            jonasfunkj Level 1

            Thank you very much for a fast and helpful answer!

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              jonasfunkj Level 1

              Is it possible to edit the path defined by a linked resource, once it has been set up?

              Say I want to change it from $[variable]/assets/subpages to just $[variable]/assets.