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    Custom preferences file




      I have a lab of PC's at a school, that have premiere elements 8 installed. Works fine, no real issues, but the scratch files are all defaulting to the users profile path on the server, and have to be manually changed to point at a local path. Is there any way I can set this setting globally for all users? At this stage I've saved a preferences file with the correct folders, and I'm copying it into the users profile at logon, but that isn't working too well (esp. if the user hasn't used premiere before, I think the copied pref file gets overwritten, not that I actually confirmed it copied across properly with the login script). I can't rely on individuals to do it themselves because it's a secondary school, if I manage to get the kids setting it correct, I know I'll still have to get the staff to also, and that's a difficult proposition.


      Does anyone have some insightful suggestions that I might try?




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          Welcome to the forum.


          This might be a question for Adobe T/S. I do not say that often, as I feel that this forum is better, but you have a situation, that will unique to 99% of the users here. Even though I am on a network, I do all my video editing locally.


          Good luck, and please update the thread, should the answer come from outside the forum.