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    DHTML Effects

    maniac9999 Level 1
      I use the DHTML drop-down effect quite a bit with my FAQ topics, but I was wondering, does anyone use the other DHTML effects (fade in, fade out, fly-in, fly out, etc) in their help systems? They look like something that eHelp developed to make RoboHelp look more "PowerPoint"-ish and they don't look very useful for client-facing help systems.

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          Gravenstein Level 2
          I use the fly-in for a particular element in my help. The overall effect is subtle, but it helps direct the user's attention to a particular area of the topic that I want to emphasize.

          Most of the DHTML effects are kind of over-the-top for our use, but some - like the fly-in - can be tweaked so that they are useful in our help application.