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    CF 4.0

      I am using CF 4.0 and try to use JS OnMouseOver="". If you look this page http://www.walterzorn.com/tooltip/tooltip_e.htm#docu and move your mouse onto the "Function-Grapher", the gif file will show. How can I do the same? Thank you.
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          cf_dev2 Level 1
          If you view the page source the code is

          <a onmouseover="Tip('Online Function Grapher written in JavaScript<br> <br><img src=../images/grapher.gif width=210 height=175>',SHADOW, true, BGCOLOR, '#ffffff', FADEIN, 400, FADEOUT, 400)" href="../grapher/grapher_e.htm">Function-Grapher</a>

          Download the javascript file(s) per their instructions and try it out using your own image.