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    Publish Service Collection Sets vs Collections

    Allen Gambrell

      I am looking into rewriting an existing plugin of mine to take advandage of the new publish service, but I am running into a roadblock of the ideas of collection sets vs collections and how they are represented in the web app.


      My problem is the web app uses what it calls galleries the key is each gallery and have images and both sub galleries in it. This is a problem with Lightroom because you cannot have images in pulished collection sets, only in the collection sets underneath them.


      This is a major difference in the 2 programs. I though about representing each galley by a collection set with a default collection of the images in the gallery under it and any other sub galleries underneath it represented the same way. There are a couple of hangups. The settings for the gallery can only be stored in a collection and not a collection set.


      Every time a user creates a new gallery using the plugin I would need a way to automaticly make the collection set (representing the gallery) and the collection (representing the images in the gallery). I need to only allow the user to create a collection and block collection sets, yet when they create a collection it needs to create a collection set to hold the gallery first.


      I have looked through most of the new documentation and have yet to see a viable solution to my problem. Does anyone have any ideas?