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    Filter to a datagrid

    Raju Penumatsa



      Could someone please help me out in creating a datagrid with filters. I want a datagrid having textboxes in the first row to enter and filter data.




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          David_F57 Level 5



          So you basically want a custom header ?, this is understandable say for filtering but why would you want editing when that would be done on the row that needs to be edited.


          In the meantime here is a simple example of how to filter the data on a grid, source is included for both examples


          http://flashhub.net/filter/   this is a category filter


          http://flashhub.net/filter2/  this is an incremental search filter.(just type in the input box).




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            Raju Penumatsa Level 1

            Thanks for the useful links David.

            But i want a datagrid where

            • user can filter the data in multiple columns(i.e i want a text box for each column )
            • user can resize columns (i.e when user resizes the column automatically text box also should resize to column width)

            Any ideas would be greatly appreciated



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              David_F57 Level 5



              So basically you need a custom header then an single filter event that will big triggered by the close action of any of the columns filterboxes, what about things like global remove all for the filters. Do you want filters that have some sort of cleverness built in (i.e. a range value, conditional, variable) or pre determined filter conditions.


              This sort of thing can get quite complex when you start considering the ramifications of lots of filter conditions, minimium column widths so that comboboxes or edit boxes aren't to small etc....


              I think that one option would be a timed hover over the header that pops up a window that allows parameters to be set might be a better way to go. Really just depends on what the goals are for overall filtering.



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                please send the datagrid filter source