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    How do I set and use a custom time zone?


      We're developing a mixed HTML, javascript and Flex application.


      In our HTML/Flex application, one of user's settings is the time zone he wishes to use. Since this can be different from the local time zone of the computer he happens to be using, we need to tell flex to interpret all dates as being in a foreign time zone e.g. force it to America/Los_Angeles.


      I'm hoping there is a way to specify this in flex, so we don't have to do offset calculations on every single Date object. This would be very complicated, as I'm sure you know (and no, it is not simply UTC + x, where x is a constant, or x is an integer number of hours...)


      Is there a way to do this in flex?




      P.S: I've found these related things so far:



      But nothing was really helpful...