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    Recording an Assessment and Demo at the same time


      Not sure if this can be done, but i will explain what i am trying to do anyway!


      I am creating a recording in assessment mode and half way through the recording there is a large form that needs to be completed that has a lot of text fields within it.


      As Captivate isnt great at recording text entries (in assessemnt mode) i wanted to switch to demonstration mode whilst the form is being completed (allowing users to simply watch the fields being entered) and then switch back to assessment mode after the form has been finished.


      Does anyone know if you can switch between the two modes on the same recording??


      Thanks in anticipation

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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          Welcome on the forum.


          You cannot switch during recording. But why do you not end the recording (assessment). You'll be returned to CP. Then hit the Record button again, change the mode to Demonstration etc? Since you left off the to be captured application in the right state, the rearrangement will be minimal if necessary. Think this is the easiest way. Another way could be to record both in assessment and demonstration mode and copy from one of the resulting files to the other.



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            chew1 Level 1

            Thank you for the quick response.


            I had just discovered the record button as you replied, I ended up recording the whole thing in assessment mode and the completion of the form in demo mode and then just dropped the demo bit it into the presentation at the correct point.  It worked prefectly, so thanks for the advise!