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    External files need explicit path

      I have a interesting quirk in the Flash app I'm working on. I'm finding that everything that is loaded externally (movie clips, XML files, even the skin for FLVPlayer controls) needs a full path in order to be found, even though the files are all in the same directory as the player. In other words something like " http://www.mydomain.com/subdir1/subdir2/file.swf" versus just "file.swf". The interesting thing is this same application works fine in other places without a full path. The difference is that for the other places, the player is in the same directory as the HTML and for my use it is one level down. So my HTML is in subdir1, myApp.swf is in subdir1/subdir2 and the HTML params are src='subdir2/myApp.swf', movie='subdir2/myApp.swf', id='myApp.swf', name=myApp.swf. Do id and name need to have the directory path too? If myApp.swf and the files it loads are all in subdir2 why can't it find them without an explicit path?