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    Problem with keyframe selection


      Hi, hope someone can help.


      I'm used to selecting keyframes in order to move them along the timeline, likewise shrinking/expanding spans.This problem isn't about how I do this, rather that it seems to have stopped working.


      For some reason I cannot get this to work - I can still select frames individually (Cmd-click), but then I am not able to do anything with them, linearly along the timeframe.


      Has there been an upgrade with a bug in it or anything else that could have happened (including the 'picnic' issue: "problem in chair, not in computer")? This is causing me some difficulties, most notably with how long it's taking to do stuff!


      I'm still working on CS4, on a Mac.



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          brooksrv Level 2

          Im use CS4 on Vista. If you are talking about Click and Hold a keyframe (say frame 10) and drag it to frem 20, I do not have that problem.


          I did learn something though. If I click and hold a non keyframe that has code (say frame 1) and drag it to frame 20, it copies the code and pastes it in a new keyframe.

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            jendehaan Level 4

            I haven't experienced or heard of a problem moving keyframes (either a single one or multiple contiguous ones). I assume you're selecting frames in a motion tween span (based on the Ctrl+click note). Could you provide more details about what you're dragging (multiple property keyframes?), and where you're dragging them to and what is happening that's the problem (same layer, different layer, same span, outside of span, etc and the result and what's expected), and/or a file with the specific steps of what you're trying to do.