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    Questions about submitting PDF form to server


      I need to add a submit button to an existing PDF form that will submit it to a PHP script on the server. I can find information on submitting as FDF, but what does the "submit as HTML" option do? What and how does it submit to the server? I added a button (also a minor problem, the button text doesn't show) to the document with Acrobat 9 Pro, choosing the "Submit as HTML" option, but when I submit  it to a PHP script on the server that should echo or printr submitted $_POST data, I get an error message "An error occurred in the submit process. Cannot process content of type text/html."


      Apparently submitting as FDF is not an option, because the server does not have the FDF toolkit. What I need to be able to do is submit the PDF form with the information entered into it to the server, and redisplay it with the form inputs in place and with an added image. What would be the easiest way to do this? If I can get the form onto the server in HTML format, it would be easy to to add the image and redisplay it, or possible there is some way I could redisplay it in PDF format after adding an image to it? Any advice? Some tutorial on the other PDF form submit actions?

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          Could someone at least point me to some information that provides all the details of how a PDF form is submitted to the server and discusses the options for the action? This information must surely exist somewhere, but after two days of searching I cannot find it.


          I am experienced with PHP (I used FPDF for one project) so a specific "how to" that is PHP oriented would be nice.