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    Pencil tool issue, possibly a graphics tablet problem?(in Flash CS4 and CS3)


      Hello! I'm Hayley.

      I'm a student, and I've been using Flash CS3/CS4 for my final project in school.

      I've been using it to animate for about a year now..

      I recently got a Windows 7, x64bit pc and installed CS3 on it.

      I've never had this problem with the pencil tool before.

      Recently I've been having an issue while I'm drawing with the pencil tool, where while I'm drawing a line with it, for example, it doesnt show up until after i take my pen off my wacom tablet (an intuos3). So I basically can't see what I've drawn til I pull the pen away. It's beginning to become difficult to draw properly with it.

      It never has the problem if I draw the lines with my mouse. And the brush tool never has a problem ever.


      Now that I really think about it its possible that it's not to do with Flash and it's to do with my graphics tablet settings, I guess.

      I downloaded a trial of cs4 and it has the pencil problem too.

      I really dont know how else to fix it, I've tried everything I can think of.


      I do hope someone here can help me!