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    Full screen playback jittery with Aero enabled

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      Currently running the CS5 trial on a new (built specifically for cs5) W7 64 based Dell 12-core Xeon box with three monitors attached via two Nvidia Quadro 3800 cards and am having issues with the full screen playback - namely, when my third monitor  is enabled for full screen playback (connected via DVI>HDMI, 1920x1080@50Hz - yes I'm in PAL land) and my sequence matches, e.g. 50Hz - the playback is jittery (vsync slowing frame rate)- disabling Aero causes most of this to go away but now desktop video has to be disabled and there is some horizontal tearing (e.g. the vsync is now working but slightly adrift).


      Googling around seems to indicate others with similar problems so this might be a W7 problem - has anybody else seen this kind of issue, and if so got a decent resolution?


      I'd rather not have to splash out on unneccesary HDSDI and then HDSDI>HDMI I/O's when on paper a monitor connected via HDMI should playback correctly (which Windows Media Center does) - it also doesn't seem too much to ask for full screen playback to work 'out of the box', does it? How else are we expected to do this otherwise?


      I've filed a bug report on this but any other ideas or suggestions appreciated.




      Sacha Goodwin

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          Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          We need two things:

          1. A true description of your hardware, stock Dell does not mean anything, especially the disk system.
          2. Have you tuned your OS?  It probably has all sorts of uneccesary processes and services running.  Get rid of all the Dell added garbage and use my Windows 7 Tuning Guide as a suggestion of setting it up to run more efficiently.
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            sacha_G Level 1

            1. OK - From W7 Performance Info:


            More details  about my computer

            ComponentDetailsSubscoreBase  score
            ProcessorIntel(R) Xeon(R) CPU X5670 @ 2.93GHz7.8
              Determined by lowest  subscore
            Memory (RAM)12.0 GB7.8
            GraphicsNVIDIA Quadro FX 38006.9
            Gaming graphics4607 MB Total available graphics  memory6.9
            Primary hard disk288GB Free (465GB Total)5.9
            Windows 7 Enterprise

            ManufacturerDell Inc.
            ModelPrecision WorkStation T7500
            Total amount of system  memory12.0 GB RAM
            System type64-bit operating system
            Number of processor  cores12
            Total size of hard  disk(s)465 GB
            Disk partition (C:)288 GB Free (465 GB Total)
            Media drive (D:)CD/DVD
            Disk partition (F:)0 B Free (39 MB  Total)
            Display adapter typeNVIDIA Quadro FX 3800
            Total available graphics  memory4607 MB
                  Dedicated graphics  memory1024 MB
                  Dedicated system  memory0 MB
                  Shared system  memory3583 MB
            Display adapter driver  version8.17.11.9790
            Primary monitor  resolution1920x1200
            Secondary monitor  resolution1920x1200
            Secondary monitor  resolution1920x1080
            DirectX versionDirectX  10
            Network AdapterIntel(R) PRO/1000 MT Server  Adapter
            The gaming graphics score is based on  the primary graphics adapter. If this system has linked or multiple graphics  adapters, some software applications may see additional performance  benefits.


            Disk system doesn't apply in this case as we use an Editshare NAS.


            2. First thing I did was a clean install of W7 (Enterprise), I always start from vanilla install.


            I'm a bit unsure about your tuning guide - can you document what improvements you get after changing said settings? I note the option "Adjust Visual Effects and check Adjust For Best Performance" is one way to turn off Aero (which I've tried anyway), which whilst sort of resolving the original problem, unfortunately now causes other display issues (and also caused CS5 to crash when using the source trimmer window) so have had to switch it back.


            Turning off the services as you are suggesting seems a bit drastic just to get a plain DV clip without any FX to playback smoothly (e.g. CPU util is about 3% in these situations, network at about 5%, disk not doing anything).. it's the kind of thing I would have done about 10 years ago but modern machines are supposedly built around HD multimedia so it seems odd to still be expected to do this kind of thing now.


            FYI, this was the thread that suggested turning off Aero to fix:

            http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en/w7itproperf/thread/d4f155d8-6ff6-4741-bb2d-8 ed184b7a45c


            Out of interest, what do other people use to get full HD preview under CS5? Is it all OK out there in NTSC land @ 60fps?





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              Harm Millaard Level 7



              Your disk setup could well be the cause of your problems, and then that single disk is filled with stuff that should not be there in the first place. Anything over 40 - 45 GB is suspect, anything over 100 GB is a giant ALARM that something is seriously wrong.


              Only a single disk locally and a slow NAS on a single NIC connection is a serious bottleneck.

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                Thanks Harm, but It's not that - I have got 4 x DVCPROHD/100 streams running simultaneously (and with 4 x MPE fx on each layer AND transparancy) with no dropped frames (at this point I gave up trying to add anything else!) - I've had the Editshare for 4 years now running happily without dropped frames on a whole variety of systems including an Axio LE (In fact our entire network and routers are configured for latency free high bandwidth editing) - 60Mb per sec max, more than enough bandwidth to play a single DV clip I'd say, and note that NIC is a server class one, as specified by Editshare.


                The issue is that of the *full screen preview* being jittery, turn the preview off - fine, looks reasonable (considering I can't run 1920x1200 screens @ 50hz), Full screen on, preview drops every other frame and then some. Pans jitter consistently, like it's trying to do some weird frame rate conversion and ending up with a display rate of 23 and a half Hz with jitter.


                Single disk locally is only an issue if you have video/swap drive on it - I have 12Gb RAM, that drive spends most of it's life asleep, believe me.


                I imagine if I used a Blackmagic Intensity instead for my HDMI output *maybe* things would be OK - I'm just trying to avoid having to buy any extra hardware until I'd explored all the options first.


                I'd raise a ticket with Adobe but I'm still waiting for my full license key!



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                  sacha_G Level 1

                  Ok - got my full licence key enabled - no improvement but at least I can now ask Adobe directly!


                  Also spotted this from the Avid forums, could be a coincidence but the symptoms look like they are having *very* similar issues - wonder if there is an architectural issue between Aero, the driver and the application all conspiring to to make smooth full screen playback next to impossible for PAL users..




                  My final line of attack will be to connect all the monitors up via HDMI and set them ALL to 50Hz and see if that makes any difference since the system now has only one refresh rate to deal with.


                  Alternatively, anyone out there using a Intensity card able to use all the Mercury goodness AND get seamless full screen playback from the timeline with PAL framerate projects?

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                    Ok, answered my own question - it seems as I suspected that all monitors must be set to the same refresh rate - this is impossible for 1920x1200 unfortunately as no monitor will display that @ 50 Hz - that said I *can* display 1080p on them - bit of a shame as then I have to sacrifice 120 pixels on each of my main monitors  - 60Hz NTSC folks - (e.g. most everybody else) will of course be running all your screens at 60Hz anyway and so will never have seen a problem....


                    If any other PAL users find a tweak to fix this, let me know!