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    Illustrator CS4 is extremely slow on my MacBook Pro

    Bullette4 Level 1

      Illustrator CS4 (14.0.0) is running extremely slow on my MacBook Pro. After selecting an object nothing happens for 3 seconds, than the color wheel rotates for 3 seconds, then I can continue working. This is repeated for any new action, like select, rotate, copy, etc. The ActivityMonitor shows 100,2 % CPU usage during these seconds, all other processes are between 0 and 1,5%. All other CS4 programs are running fine.


      I have no other application running at the same time, I chose "performance" over battery lifetime in the system preferences, deleted all the "Adobe Illustrator CS4 Settings" in the preferences folder for a fresh start, used the Adobe CleanSwipe tool, all installed printers are on and connected, HD has lots of free space, I work only from the local HD, have only 60 fonts installed - but no improvement. Even if I have a new document with only one object in it, this goes very slow.


      Then I followed one of the recommendations in this community, installed a new user account, started Illustrator from there - and the problem was completely gone, reaction time and speed as it should be!!


      Something in my initial (admin-)account is causing this problem - does anyone have a clue what it could be?



      Any hint would be appreciated very much.


      MacBook Pro 15" Oct 2009, 2,66 Ghz, 4GB, GeForce 9400M+9600M GT, HD 500GB (7200rpm), Mac OS X 10.6.3

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          Bill Planey Level 1

          There are so many possibilities... perhaps one of your fonts is corrupt? Make screen shots of Activity Monitor with only Illustrator running from both user accounts and compare the two - the admin account may have a process running in the background that is sucking CPU cycles.


          You can force quit a process in Activity Monitor. If you have any extra processes running in the admin account (compared to the non-admin), see if force quitting these changes the behavior of Illustrator.

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            Bullette4 Level 1

            That are 2 very good leads, but unfortunately I already tested that: I uninstalled all fonts, so there are only system fonts left - no improvement. I also started the admin account without any start elements (pressing "shift" during boot) - no improvement. The processes (all of them) except Illustrator are all at 0%, some can reach 0,7% - only Illustrator itself is at 100,4% for these few seconds. There is no difference between the admin account and the second user account regarding the Activity Monitor.


            But the solution must be somewhere in the difeerence between the two accounts - user preferences, application support files, ???