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    playback stops after about 15 - 20 frames

    kenstiefel Level 1

      This is a problem that I also have in cs4.  I hit the space bar, after about 15 - 20 frames it stops.  Looking at the task manager CPU utilization goes from about 4% to 100% and then playback stops.


      System is an intel dual core running at 2.13 I think.  Had 4 gig of memory now up to 8 gig.  has 150 gig system drive, and a 600 gig dual drive raid 0 array for work in progress.  Long term storage is on usb drives.  System was running xp sp3 now windows 7 x64.  Video card just upgraded to a new nvidia card.


      System also has black magic intensity.  Problem started quite a while ago before the recent upgrades.  If cpu stays below 100% system works fine.  Load in some effects and bang 100% cpu and it stops.  Does not seem to matter what type of file.  I use dv video (avi type 2), or hdv.  As long as I am below 100% it works fine.  Hits 100% and stops.  I could understand it stuttering if the cores are both at 100, but why stop?


      Motherboard is an intel dg965wh.  Audio is a function of what the system is doing, has onboard audio, usb audio and black magic audio.  One other annoying bug if the blackmagic card is set as the video out, that is the only p[lace audio will come out no matter what the hardware settings.


      I am running out of brilliant and stupid ideas at this point and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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          kenstiefel Level 1

          One other note  CS5 is a trial, cs4 is the full version.  Also have audition 3 which works perfectly.


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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            The trial does not work with HDV, only DV.


            Has your CS4 version reverted to trial status? Any presets available for AVCHD, HDV, XDCAM?


            Have you started Win7 with a fresh install?


            How many processes are running? Check with Process Explorer.


            Look at this link:  Some suggestions...

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              kenstiefel Level 1


              I know the cs5 trial does not do HDV.  CS4 is not a trial and works fine other then the playback issue.  Win 7 was a clean install of everything.  Only process pulling CPU cycles other then 1 or 2 % is premiere.  That is in the high 90's.  (as far as it can go total is 100%).  Does not seem to matter how many apps are open.  What ever it is appears to be related to premiere.  When i shift output to the intensity pulling some of the load off the cpu (I think) Premiere will do a little more before it blows up.  Most of the footage I am using was captured using on location, and or premiere 1.5 and a matrox card on a different machine and then transfered to my editor.



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                kenstiefel Level 1

                One additional note.  Premiere does not crash.  It just stops.  hit space bar again and it is good for another 15 frames.  In CS4 load seems split betweem adobe importer module and premiere.  Connect black magic card and load drops from 70 - 90% total to about 60%.  Again load up with any type of effects and stop.

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                  Wil Renczes Adobe Employee

                  Ignoring the Intensity card for a second, if you're running PPro on its own, this symptom is usually one of two possibilities:


                  - bad display drivers (don't assume that Win7 will download the correct ones, go get the sanctioned 197.x drivers from the nVidia site)

                  - bad audio drivers.  If you have the 'right' drivers for your system, try downloading the 'Asio4All' set (google around on this forum for other posts on this topic).


                  I would probably remove the Intensity card & uninstall its drivers, troubleshoot the above, then when it's playing correctly, add back the Intensity card.  The card is the other factor that could be playing into this (for instance, their own sound driver options could be the trigger here), but I'm not sure what to offer for Black Magic troubleshooting suggestions. 

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                    kenstiefel Level 1


                    Updating the nvidia driver did the trick when using the monitor in the computer.  Black magic card still funky, but that doesn't worry as much.  Can still use it unless I have lots of processing to do.  Thanks again.