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    Picking a motherboard for a new build: getting serious now

    Colin Brougham Level 6

      Alright, I've been hemming and hawing on building a new system for my own use (I posted some weeks ago about the builds I'm working on for a different project I'm working on), but in my couple weeks of using CS5, I've been motivated to get with the program (har har) and build a far more contemporary system than I currently own.


      It seems to be pretty clear what are the best "bang for the buck" and rock-solid components are, but I'm vacillating on the motherboard issue. It would appear that the Asus P6X58D Premium is the mobo du jour, for both overclocking and non-overclocking use, but it's also not the cheapest one out there. I'm certainly not trying to pinch pennies to save dimes, but I'm a notorious bargain shopper (though that usually comes back to haunt me). The Asus board looks like it might be the most "future-proofed" board, based on my completely unscientific research, and has just about everything a builder could want (at least for video editing purposes).


      I guess what I'm looking for is confirmation that this is the board to get for use with an i7-930 that will likely be run stock for awhile, and then overclocked once I have to the time to play. Since the GTX285 is no longer available new (well, from most retailers anyway), the GTX480 will be the board I get, but that obviously pushes the budget a bit higher. If I can save a bit on a different mobo, that would be great, but I suppose I don't want to short change myself, either.


      So... thoughts? Or did I just answer my own question?