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    Parsing  XML once in n seconds.


      Hi Folks,

      I have a requirement where i need to parse a set of XML files(3) once in n seconds(ex:10seconds). I have a drop down(COMBO box) so, upon selecting the value, corresponding xml will sent as a "selected value" and it will be parsed. I am using httpService and DataGrid for acheving this.

      Now when we change the xml from background.. it needs to be updated in the datagrid after 10seconds when the user again selects the item from the combo box.

      Currently i could able to achieve the parsing xml and displaying in the datagrid. But the httpService.send() is actually invoking every time. So i need a way to call it once in 10seconds. Is there a way to do it??

      Please advice. it is taking away all my peace.

      Mallik Vamaraju