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    Distorted image, resolution - settings? Definitely Illustrator problem.


      I wish I could attach an image - this is hard to describe. For the past two days my illustrator documents look really jagged and pixelly on screen. Tech person from my company tried a new monitor and it still looked that way. I restarted computer and it's still doing it - I opened same file on a coworkers computer and it looks fine so it's not the file. Coworker did screen grab of file open on her screen and emailed it to me and her version looks great - so I don't think it's video card.


      The only thing I did was the other day I was experimenting with the setting under View for color blindness and that can affect our work, and I had not previously known about it. I changed settings back and the problem is still there. It doesn't look too bad when I zoom in close but at around 66% or 100% on screen all black lines are very jagged and look larger than they actually are. It prints okay so it's just a screen thing.


      Does anyone know what is going on and how I can fix it?  Thanks -