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    Publishing different sized versions of project

    Laer2 Level 1

      I'm doing an interactive video type project with HD footage and interactive buttons, and need to create a small, medium and large version of the 'site'.


      I'm wondering if Flash CS3 allows you to somehow specify the output size of the published file.


      Yes, I know NORMALLY with Flash, you scale the file in the HTML code (as it's usually all vectors, and can scale/shrink without degredation)... but in THIS case, we are talking about footage.  Sure, I can scale the swf file with the code, but it would still be loading the full HD version for the 'small' version, thus defeating the purpose.


      Right now, it seemed like the only way I could do it is to make the whole project in a movieclip , and scale that down and shrink the canvas.... but as I understand, this would still result in huge file sizes for the medium and small versions, since (even though they are scaled down on the stage) the clips are still stored in the swf as the full HD versions.

      So, right now it seems like the only way to do it is create 3 different sized footage files for each and every clip used in the project, and build the entire projects 3 times, using a different canvas size (and the different sized source footage) each time!  There's GOT to be a better way... isn't there?


      (BTW, I looked into exporting it as an interactive QT, but that is no longer supported since QT7)