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    CFForm format="flash" result a blank page

      Hey guys,
      I have search the net for most of the day to find a solution but came up with nothing. I am trying to use flash form to give my app a better look. When I use format="flash" with my cfform tag, the form does not render, but if I use xml or html format it works fine. I have checked and double check all the spellings and made sure all tags close but nothing seem to work. I have also checked the mapping for cfide and it points to the right place. I can't figure out what is wrong. I even have the latest version of flash player installed.

      Here is what I have.

      Server: CFMX 7 DevNet edition
      on MAC OS X, running on top of built in apache.

      Browser: FireFox, and Safari 2.0.4

      Thanks for your help.