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    help with Resolution/Document Raster Effects

    MilkyTech Level 1

      I am wanting to upload my logo to my credit card company to put on the face of my new card.

      obviously this will be small in size (1.5"x3") but the cc company requires the upload be at least 400pixels x 400pixels.

      I don't want to upload a 13"x6" because they shrink it down and it loses quality.

      I have tried changing the Document Raster Effects to 300 ppi, but the rulers still show 72 ppi and when I save it to jpeg, it is only 72 ppi.

      How can I get a 1.5" x 3" document to save with 450px by 900px dimensions?


      Here is a link to the file: http://buffalomooncoffee.com/images/small_logo.ai