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    Resize grouped image with lines does not work




      Using AI CS4 on PC.

      I have this image with circles and gradients, etc. and in the middle i created a logo with different lines with a thickness of 2 pts (Let's say)

      Now when I select the whole image, group it and try to reduce the size to say 40%, everything is reduced except for those lines.


      How can I accomplish what I want? To reduce the size of the image?





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          Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          If the lengths of the lines are reduced but not the thicknes, it would seem that you have Scale Strokes & Effects unticked. You may tick it in the Transform palette/panel flyout.


          If the lines are completely unchanged, it would seem that they are inaccessible (locked or something).


          When you say image, you are still referring to cector artwork created with the help of Illy, no?