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    ddx - labelLayers




      Has anyone used this with ddx? I am playing.
      Trying to get a document where I am assembling two documents and getting layers to work.
      I am assuming I am way off.


      Does anyone have a working sample?



      <DDX xmlns="http://ns.adobe.com/DDX/1.0/">
        <InitialViewProfile name="initialViewProfile1" display="DocumentTitle"/>
        <PDF result="result" initialView="initialViewProfile2">
          <PDF source="doc2" layerLabel="doc2"/>
          <PDF source="doc1" layerLabel="Help"/>
        <InitialViewProfile name="initialViewProfile2" show="LayersPanel"/>
        <?ddx-source-hint name="doc2"?>
        <?ddx-source-hint name="doc1"?>




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          Dieter Dubai Level 1

          I am not sure what exactly you want ot achive.


          There is a mergeLayers option which would merge setting to 'true' all layers in the result, by setting to 'false' retain the layers.


          false (default) - Layers from different source documents are kept distinct in the assembled document. If the layerLabel attribute in the source document is specified, the names are modified by the label; otherwise, the layers keep the same names.