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    LR3 download issueIpurch


      I purchased LR3 English / Mac  this morning but in downloads I'm told this option is not applicable and the only options are LR3 Windows multiple languages and LR3 Mac Multiple languages. Does this mean that there is not a specifically English version and I should download the multiple language version ?

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          Petаr Adobe Employee

          Yep - the multiple languages version includes English.

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            sigmadog Level 1

            Same problem here. Thanks for clarifying, Petar.


            In a side note, exactly when did Adobe become as obtuse and complicated as Microsoft? I used to enjoy buying from Adobe, but now it's a pain with slow-loading pages, and incomprehensible instructions (I can't figure out if I have a Java JRE - whatever that is - or not). I just want to download a damn expensive product, Adobe. Why don't you try making THAT a little easier?


            There. I feel better.