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    RSS Activity Feed Problems outputting feed.xml file


      I am trying to set up the RSS  Activity Feed inside of ContributePublishing Server.  I have the help  file that I found on the internet and have gone through that and still I  am not getting the Contribute Server to output  the feed.xml file.  Here are the settings that I am using inside the  settings.xml file that it states to use in the help file.

                   <Name>Website Feed</Name>
                   <TargetPath>\\webdev\c$\Inetpub\dev.butlercc.edu\TESTspencerTEST  \feedButler.xml</TargetPath>

                  Optional: Use the  MaxEntries element to specify the maximum number
                  of  entries stored in the feed (default is 20).

      Number  4 on the help file says to make sure your server is running with a user  that has sufficient network permissions on the server indicated in the  TargetPath to create the syndication feed output  file. 

      I have inside the Services and Application area the  ContributePublishing  Server using the account that it needs to use.  I know this account  works because I have other areas of the Contribute Publishing Server set  up on multiple servers and the account is working for the others.

      Next  it has you Forward website events to a custom service.  Inside the CPS  console under website settings I have selected the website that I want  to use and added the URL link for the RSS Activity Feed. https://localhost:8900/contribute/customservices/rssfeed/events.cfm

      Next  I log into Contribute and make some changes to a website and save the  changes.  Then I go check the server and my folder on the server and do  not find feedButler.xml
      I have gone over this and over this and do not see what my problem is.  If anyone can  help that would be great.  Here is the link to the help file for  Contribute Publishing Server. wf