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    JS: XMP Children of Children


      I know this may be a simple question to answer, but I am stuck. I am not a programmer, but I am trying to learn, and I am working with an actual programmer on this project, but he is not very familiar with scripting in InDesign, so I am trying to get him the high-level information he needs and he in turn helps me understand how to use that programmatically. So far this has worked really well within InDesign, but now I am venturing into the uncharted waters of XMP.


      I am trying to write a script that will add XMP metadata to images. The idea is to run a script that will allow me to manually position the images in InDesign and then store that information in the XMP of the image so that the next time I use that image (running a different script), it will automatically position itself according to the XMP metadata. The image's XMP needs to hold position data for a number of material types and it needs to be extensible (hence the XMP), but looking through the documentation I am not able to decipher how to inject XMP data with multiple children into the image file, or how to add a child later on. I have been successful in putting a single property into a file's XMP data using the following script:


      new ExternalObject('lib:AdobeXMPScript');
      xmpFile = new XMPFile(
      xmpData = new XMPMeta();


      I have a schema in mind for the data and I am trying to keep it human-readable so that it can be more easily used in the future. I just can't figure out how to inject a parent --> child --> etc. type schema into the XMP.


      Is there any documentation that anyone can point to that can help me understand this a little better? I have read the XMP section in the JavaScript Tools Guide and, while I admit I don't understand most of it, I can't seem to locate any information on how this would be done. Is there a section within that section that I can show my progammer that would help him understand how to do this?


      Thanks in advance for any help you can give.