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    Uploading MySQL driven Catalyst/Builder project

    PBodytko Level 1

      I installed WAMP server on my computer, created a mySQL database from within -- impoeted a Catalyst project, pointed out the output in FlashBuilder to a forlder within www folder in wamp. Created some dynamic text driven by mySQL/PHP. When I run preview, everything looks good -- all the text is working... However I have no clue how to upload the project, how to change the settings from my local database to one that is on my webserver... Which files do I need to change -- what files/folders should I upload...


      Can anybody point me to a simple step by step procedure, tutorial or documentation? It seems this knowledge is taken for granted, and I simply don't have it :-)


      To be clear; I am able to export/import mySQL files between the webserver and localhost -- just don't know how to output the Flash builder project and how to move it form my computer to the web... -- I have the Master Collection CS5.