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    plug-ins to boost volume in PE7




      I have a clip on my timeline in PE7 that sounds very low compared to the next clip; I've tried adding multiple layers of volume from Effects tab and that didn't work.  I tried experimenting Balance and all of the other elements on the Audio Effects tab but no luck.


      Is there a technique, plug-in or free or shareware I can use to increase the volume on the audio clip and reconnect it to the video? 




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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          There are several ways to boost the Audio Levels in PrE. Most are Clip related, and one is Track related.


          I'll outline them, but think that you may have used the first already, and it is not enough.


          1.) Click the Clip to Select it, and then in the fixed Effect Volume, raise the Level. This will basically add a Keyframe to increase the Volume.

          2.) Rt-click on the Clip, and choose Audio Gain in the flyout menu

          3.) With Audio Mixer (Window>Audio Mixer), you can adjust the Levels, but this is Track-level, so if the Clip is replaced, those adjustments are still there on the Track.


          One can also Export Audio and then Import it into an audio editor, like Audition, or the free audio-editor, Audacity, to adjust the Amplitude of the piece, and just replace the original with that edited version, from when you do a Save_As. Those programs, can also rip the Audio from your AV file, to save having to do the Export.


          Good luck,



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            I second what Hunt says about using Audio Gain.


            Right-click on your clip and select the Audio Gain option. If you click the Normalize button, it should automatically raise the level of your audio's gain and thus increase its volume. If you need to manually increase it more, you can do so by typing in even larger numbers for the gain level.

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              P_Forrest Level 1

              TIP:  Often when you raise the gain (or volume) of a clip, you might hear more background "hiss."  Luckily, PE 7 has a DENOISER audio effect that does a very nice job of removing major hiss issues. 



              PE 7

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                Thanks guys.  Audio gain did the trick.



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                  Glad that Audio Gain did the job for you.


                  For future productions, you might want to look into a different mic, or increase the gain a little, during the recording process - be careful, however, to not over-do that, as you do not want ANY peaks over 0dB, or Clipping will occur.


                  Good luck,