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    SWF layers issue, quiz template

    Chris Harrison123
      I've hit a bit of a problem and wondered if anyone could suggest an answer. I'm developing a Flash training application that consists, amongst other things, of:
      a) An .fla that handles animated menus and submenus
      b) An .fla that handles a Glossary
      c) An .fla that handles References
      d) An .fla that handles the subject matter (in flash presentation slides format)
      e) An .fla that handles asking questions and getting answers
      A master .fla then loads the relevant .swf files to the correct layers, and then menu system loads the remainder at the correct times.
      I've done it this way to simplify each .fla, and so a number of people can work on different aspects of the site simultaneously (I'm from a .NET background too so it made more sense splitting it up like this).
      It's all been going fine, but we've just hit a couple of snags:

      The .fla referred to in e) that handles the questions and answers is based on the Flash quiz template. We've customised it and it works fine when we use "test movie", calculating the scores at the end. But when we use test project, it seems to work fine also, until on the last page it doesn't calculate the scores. Then trying it again in isolation works correctly again.
      I thought this must be specific to the quiz template but then the following happened:
      We've developed a couple of interactive charts using Crystal Xcelsius. These are output from Xcelsius as .swf files. We load these dynamically into placeholder movieclip using "loadMovie ("FILE.swf","mc_Chart");" where FILE.swf is the one produced by Xcelsius and mc_Chart is the instance name to be replaced on the stage. This works fine in isolation in that we can interact with chart succesfully. But when we Test Project, the chart loads fine again but we are unable to interact with it.

      Are there certain things that behave differently in flash movies when loaded into layers that would cause this?
      Any solutions are much appreciated