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    Add Mini Raw, Camera Raw to HDR, and a HDR Adjustment Brush

      • Mini Raw


      • Summery:


      • Just like you created a Mini Bridge panel in Photoshop you should create a Mini Raw panel as well. 


      • Solution:
      1. Give the user the ability to make small adjustments to the image on the fly. 
      2. Make a smart filter that only applies to raw smart objects. 
      3. Give the Camera Raw smart object filters just a few features, not all the features that are in Camera Raw. Here are a list of them.
      • Exposure
      • Recovery
      • Fill Light
      • Blacks
      • Brightness
      • Contrast
      • Clarity
      • Vibrance
      • Saturation


      • Camera Raw to HDR


      • Summery:


      • When I first used Camera Raw back when it first came out I thought it was the coolest thing ever.  I was able to NON-DESTRUCTIVELY edit my raw files.  After playing with Camera Raw I learned a technique that everyone now calls HDR, which I was doing way back before that was a term. 
      • I used to:
      1. Edit in Camera Raw
      2. Save the preset
      3. Open the document
      4. Go back in Camera Raw
      5. Re edit the image
      6. Save the preset
      7. Open the document
      8. Go back in Camera Raw
      9. Re edit the image
      10. Save the preset
      11. Open the document


      • Then from there I worked on the document using masks and stuff to get the effect I was looking for.  In CS4 the ability to save the versions(snapshots)came out. That was a life saver it help out in my work flow greatly.  But it's not finished.  I thought CS5 would finish it but they never did.


      • Solution:

      • First the user needs to create several different versions(snapshots) of the image.
      • Second Adobe needs to add check boxes next to each versions(snapshots) in the SnapShot panel in order for this solution to work.
      • Third add an option in the SnapShot panel to allow the selected snapshots to be opened in the HDR part of Photoshop. Then the HDR plugin will have multiple images to work from when creating the HDR image
      • Forth add another option that will allow the user to just simply open each selected version(snapshot) as smart objects on different layers in one document or open each version(snapshot) in separate documents, depending on the users needs.


      • HDR Adjustment Brush


      • Summery:


      • When in the HDR plugin i can fine tune my image to the way I want it, but sometimes what I'm trying to accomplish can be done in one rendering.  I have to do several renderings, place the rendering in one document and do my photoshop magic to make it look the way I want.  If most of what I can fix could be done in HDR then I could speed up my work flow.


      • Solution:


      • Inside the HDR panel add a new feature called Adjustment Brush that allows the user to adjust different parts of the image being turn into HDR. Just like in Camera Raw except these adjustments have different features.
      • Gives the user the ability to select which image it wants to take data from.
      • Apply the data by using the brush on the displayed image.
      • The brush should have the basic control settings like:
      1. Size
      2. Flow
      3. Opacity
      4. Soft/Hardness


      • The adjustments it makes should be:
      1. Gamma
      2. Exposure
      3. Detail
      4. Shadow
      5. Highlight
      6. Vibrance
      7. Saturation
      • With a subset of parameters like:
      1. Add
      2. Erase


      Well thank you for taking the time out to read these small improvements... I have a few more but I want to see how adobe will respond to these improvements first before I add any more improvements to the list...