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    File.copyTo - issues with copied Flash10 Project .app

    Joe Kay

      I'm currently working on a project which has functionality to export a selected number of slides to a Folder, complete with a Flash 10 .exe or .app to play the files with.


      I've been running into a major issue with copying the .app. Once the presentation has been exported from the Installed AIR app, the .app projector file will not open, it attempts to open and immediately closes again.


      Funnily enough, it works perfectly when outputting from the Flash IDE (coding in flex) in the debugger, the .app file is copied fine and it works perfectly. It's only when attempting from the installed AIR app.


      The code I have is:


      var originala:File = File.applicationDirectory.resolvePath(_app);

      var appX = "Presenter.app";

      var copya:File = file.resolvePath(dir+appX);


      _trace.add("[FILE SYSTEM] Copy of Presenter.app is Package: " + copya.isPackage + ", if false, Projector will not work!");


      I originally thought it wasnt copying over the .app directory as a package, but it seems to, so that was the reason for the trace.


      I've even bought a copy of CS5 to see if the issue is resolved with the AIR 2.0 RC, it's downloading now.


      I have no idea why this isn't working and I am on a tight deadline.


      Any one got any ideas?




      Joe K