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    compiler options for release build

    josh_on Level 1

      I am using Ant to build a series of swfs in an Actionscript project and I want to compile them as small as possible, but I can't compile them as small using Ant and the mxml compiler as I can compiling in FB using the Release Build.  What options can I use to emulate the FB release compilation?

      I use optimize=”true” and debug=”false”


      I have also seen this asked here:

      On: http://flex.gunua.com/?p=79 Chris asked:

      Does anybody know why the swf file is bigger when compiled by Ant, as opposed to when it’s done by the Flex Builder. It is even smaller (1/2 the size) when I use the “Export Release Build” option.
      I am using optimize=”true” and debug=”false” in the mxml task, but it does not seem to be enough.