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    How Configure Adobe Reader IE Plug-in To Only Display Content w/o Context Menu?




      I'm working on an application using Microsoft Internet Explorer WebBrowser control to display content to the customer.


      Some of the HTML files contain Hyperlinks to PDF documents which the user can follow to have these documents displayed within the WebBrowser control.


      I already learned that I can add a couple of options to the PDF URL in order to hide the toolbars, but I also need the following to occur:


      • Right-click should be completely disabled (no context menu)
      • Any key combination other than text related (e.g. cut/copy/paste) should be disabled
      • Panning mode (Hand cursor) should be selected by default


      Is it possible to accomplish these tasks with the Adobe Reader web browser plug-in? Probably through Registry settings? (The application I'm working on is running exclusively on any client machine.)


      Your help is very much appreciated!



      Axel Dahmen