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    need help to store and read 'cookie' or shared object for a mute button in flash

    not very clever Level 1

      I have only ben using flash for a little while and do not know a lot about action scripts.


      I have used a flash file found online which plays music and has a mute button, but at present it plays the music when the page is viewed at another time.


      So need to have a cookie or shared obect as i have been told it is, so that when the music tries to play it can read the mute state cookie to decide if it should play or not.


      i see i can not upload a file so have uploaded to the following location.


      web address removed on OP's request.


      can someone direct me on how i add to this so the music does not play when the previously click to mute.

      and if they have not then the music plays as normal.


      thank you for taking the time to read this.