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    Load all the text from a text file


      Okay, I've used the Search option and couldn't find what I needed (well, more likely there were way too many results and decided to post after 30 minutes).


      I have an ASP.Net handler which returns to me all the file name of the images present in a folder in the server. Note that I'm an ASP programmer, not a Flash developper. It'll return something like that:




      It's the same as if it was written in a .txt file, there's only text in the "webpage" source.



      The | is the separator in which I'll use a method to return a [] of string. However, the problem is how do I access it.


      I really don't know how I should proceed in Flash to do it. I've been using Flash for only a week now.


      I would love you to tell me how to get that text into a var that I could then split into my array to use into my slideshow after. Thanks!