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    Flash CS4 not responding on close


      Lately I am unable to close Flash without an error that the program is not responding.  I can close files, and they will show in the recent file history, but when I close the program itself, it shows a white screen only.  In the task manager it shows that it is not responding.

      When I tried to poke around a little, I found that this error always occurred when I had used Actionscript. This was true for about 2 weeks.  Then the problem worsened, and now, even if I just open Flash and close it again (without opening any file) it keeps crashing.


      I've seen a post for Flash CS3 with no real answers to this problem.  My hope is that someone (anyone) has an idea what might be causing this.

      I am running Flash on an XP machine with sufficient processor and memory.


      Thanks in advance...