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    Browser Plug-ins?


      Hey Gang,


      I am embedding PDFs in HTML pages for a client of mine, and there are display issues in different browsers.  When I attempt to view the pages w/PDFs in Firefox, I get a pop-up message which reads "Addidtional plugins are required to display all the media on this page."


      Oddly, though, When I attempt to view the pages in Safari 4.0.4 no additional plugins are required.  Is this because Safari already has an Adobe reader plugin as one of its standard features?


      Also, would a user's copy of Adobe reader/Acrobat in their applications folder perform the same function displaying PDFs in webpages, or does the PDF reader functionality need to reside in the web browser itself (via a third-party plugin, etc)?


      I hope these questions make sense!  Any help would be appreciated!