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    Different behaviours in Flex 3 on XP and OS X with RESTful services?


      I have a Flex 3 web app that uses a RESTful API to fetch data. In one instance, the server returns a 204 NO CONTENT if a requested resource is not available yet. I use an HTTPService to make the request.


      On XP (in IE) the fault method in the responder class gets called (but the status code is 0 rather than 204 which I don't understand) but I can trap for that and continue accordingly.


      On OS X (in Safari) the result method in the responder gets fired, which kinda makes sense since 204 is a success code.


      So right now my app only works right on Windows and I'm wondering why there is this difference, and what the best method of fixing it is.


      Anyone else noticed this, have any suggestions?





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          jsd99 Level 3

          I had a similar problem with 302 codes.  Firefox gets HTTPStatusEvent.HTTP_STATUS and IE gets Event.COMPLETE.  Can you check HTTPStatusEvent in Safari?


          Basically the HTTP stuff is a total disaster because of all the inconsistencies in the browser plug-in interfaces.  So much for "write once run anywhere"!  More like write once, test everywhere, pray...


          If you're in control of the server returning the 204 I'd say change it to not do that but I understand that may not be an option.

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