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    Error: 1180: Call to a possibly undefined method application_creationCompleteHandler.




      I am currently working on a Flash Catalyst project. The project was working great (created buttons and setting it all up) and I added a new page and changed it to my (default state) and then added an interaction to change from my "start" state to my "worldmap" state. I set up the start state, added transitions, and went to test it. This error popped up:

      "Flash Catalyst cannot run this project because of an error in the code. To find the error, switch to the Code workspace and look in the Problems panel."


      Under the code workspace, this is the error:

      Description: 1180: Call to a possibly undefined method application_creationCompleteHandler.

      Resource: Main.mxml

      Path: Project/src

      Location: line 2

      Type: Flex Problem


      It is located at the end of line 2 after width size. I noticed other flash catalyst projects I've done do not have this bit of coding on it.



      I have tried going back, deleting the "start" page I added, and trying to rerun the project and the same error is there. I've also tried publishing the project and that gives me same error and only produces a few files in the "deploy-to-web" folder, but is missing several files.


      In the "code workspace" you can't edit the code at all (so this workspace isn't very helpful besides previewing the code).


      Do I need to just restart my project or is this fixable? How can I avoid this error in the future? I have tried to replicate this problem by adding the same "start" page to another similar document and it worked perfectly and this error wasn't created.


      Thanks for any help,


      Timothy Whalin