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    ArrayCollection update w/datagrid

    jgsstrappy Level 1
      I have a datagrid with information that can be dragged into another datagrid as a modified shopping cart. The problem I am having is seeing if the item being dragged has ALREADY been dragged to the grid.

      I start my cursor and loop a while moveNext and run through each item in the ArrayCollection. I can find out if the item is already in the Array using the following:

      while (myCursor.moveNext()) {
      if (String(myCursor.current)===String(dgRow[0].id) ){
      Alert.show("You have already moved this event into your Registration Center.")
      targetGridData.removeItemAt(targetGrid. HOW DO I FIND ITS LOCATION IN THE GRID);
      In all the examples I see the removing of an item from an ArrayCollection based on a datagrid is using the selectedItem. In this case it is not selected, or even the last item since the drag can go anywhere. So what is the syntax to find out where this new duplicate was just dropped? How can I get that drRow number somehow converted to an attribute of the removeItemAt?