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    How can I make a "Youtube" style video gallery for offline, '.air' use?

    mr.jmoo Level 1

      I work for a language company and we've put together a set of videos for use in computers, not online.  Currently we're using Apple's Keynote to present our videos to to the student.  This has the advantage of allowing us to put videos in a sequential order, with absolutely no work in the development department, and most importantly was easy for any student to control and navigate.


      Things have now changed.


      Keynote can no longer hold the size of our videos and we are constantly adding and changing videos all the time.  Now that CS5 is out, I would like to build a stand alone flash application for our system modeled after the same look and functionality of youtube. 


      Key features would be:


      • Main video player that links to our resident video files

      • Something that generates and displays a title for the current video

      • A text box below the main video player for notes and instructions

      • a side bar of thumbnails for all related videos, with titles displayed


      Future features would be an easy way for us to change videos in and out of the library (by "uploading" and "downloading" using a form for the videos, although not to the net, but again, on the resident computer).


      It looks like CS5 would make this possible.  My plan is to make a youtube-like site using flash catalyst.  I think I can do it myself since the first version only needs basic elements and design, but I know I'm going to run into some problems because I'm not sure the limitations of catalyst for this style of interactive video gallery. 


      What I'm looking for is someone to just quickly guide, tell, or yell me in the right direction, and I'm really keen (hell-bent?) on trying it out using Flash Catalyst... is this the way?


      Keeping in mind that my first draft only has to be a simple working version of the system, and I can play with the rest later, is any of what I said possible using flash catalyst?


      Thanks in advance to whoever can help me out!