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    Print On Both Sides (Manually) with 9.3.2


      From the Print dialogue box, I go to the Properties > Finishing and then I select Print On Both Sides (Manually) ("Manual duplex").


      I never had this problem with previous versions of Reader, but with this version it doesn't seem to realise that in order to do a manual duplex it should only print out half the pages and then pause, generate a dialogue box like "Turn round the paper then press OK" before continuing. The program seems to want to keep printing all the pages at once.


      The only way to do this now seems to be to first ask it to print the odd pages first, then the even, remembering to 'reverse pages' the 2nd time...! What a hassle. (And anyway this doesn't work properly if not all consecutive pages are wanted.)


      Surely I can't be the only user experiencing this issue...?


      (My printer is HP 1510 PSC.)