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    GuideMaker Feature

    Aegis Kleais Level 3

      For web developers, doing designs in Photoshop is great, but a tool from the VIEW menu like VIEW > GUIDEMAKER would be nice.


      Here, you could specify a number of columns, gutter widths, margin widths between columns, option to center the guides to the document, etc.  For example:


      Width: 960px

      Number of Columns : 12

      Margin between columns : 20px

      Gutters : 22px

      [  ] Center to document

      [X] Start at : ___________px


      This would create a vertical guide at, say, 100px, then 122 (22px gutter), then since each column is 58px wide, 180 then 200 (20 pixel margins) etc until the design is finished.


      Designing to a grid is a popular feature with web developers.

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          Mike Ornellas Level 3

          Make a grid.  Stop being lazy.

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            Aegis Kleais Level 3

            No need for blatant disrespect and immaturity.  These are just feature requests, as is the title of the forum.

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              Mike Ornellas Level 3

              There are so many things broken within Photoshop that wasting programming time creating an extended guide feature is lame.  Sorry, but thats the facts.

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                Aegis Kleais Level 3

                Please re-address the sub-forum name, and note...


                Photoshop FEATURE REQUESTS.


                This is not a subforum for reporting bugs, which should always take precendence to features.  This is a subforum to request features; and that is what I have done.

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                  Mike Ornellas Level 3

                  Bugs and features are fixed / created by the same group of people.  I will let you do the rest of the math.

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                    Aegis Kleais Level 3

                    You can provide whatever feeble excuses make you feel better about what you have posted.


                    If you want to sell something, you pick a subforum called FOR SALE

                    If you want to buy something, you pick a subforum called WANTED


                    If a subforum is called FEATURE REQUESTS, you don't post bug reports there.  You are wrong here, and are attempting to grasp at straws that aren't there.  You rudely insult people who've posted a legitimate thread in the proper sub-forum.  You can't talk your way out of being wrong.  You're just the type of forum goer who feels their opinions are always in the right, despite what flawed logic they provide to prove their actions.  How about you grow up here and stop harassing people who are following the forum guidelines?  You just make yourself look more immature with each post.  If that's your goal, please contrinue with more excuses.

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                      Mike Ornellas Level 3



                      Must be an artist. They always have a strong insulting opinion because of their ego. Yes I am correct in when I say that I could care less about your lazy feature request. Most artist I deal with are just that. Lazy and uneducated when it comes to building files correctly.  Sounds like you are interested in another great Adobe bloatware feature that lets you create more new garbage. Well guess what. I bet Adobe will grant you your wish because it's safe development. By the continued efforets or genus class users such as yourself, you have pretty much created your own demise which shall cost you in the end of countless hours of twiddling with yourself for the sake of what you call art. I wish you well in your quest to add more crap to the pile.Best wishes.

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                        Mike Ornellas Level 3

                        And yes - I am right, just not politically correct.

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                          Aegis Kleais Level 3

                          lol.  You're a joke.   Very entertaining post.  Self-dilusion.  You know you're wrong, yet, like a childish coward, you seek to scapegoat responsibility.  No moral fiber, everything is everyone else's fault, never yours.  Just... like... a.... child.


                          I pity you.  But I thank you nonetheless for the amusing read.  I could have almost predicted every single line.  You see, I've seen your type (children or adults with child mentality) so many times; you guys follow the same path.


                          Please, if you can, continue your banter.  But make it as entertaining, if not moreso, than the last.  I look forward to seeing what's next.

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                            Aegis Kleais Level 3

                            I'm going to award you a "Helpful" note in this thread.  Cause you helped me relieve the day's stress through laughter.  Enjoy it!  Tell your friends about it.    It's like giving a star sticker to a mentally retarded kid.

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                              Mike Ornellas Level 3

                              Please continue creating your so called art so I can retire a wealthy happy retard.


                              I would like to invite you over to one of my homes, but I'm afraid you would pee in it because you are too much of an artist and would want to change the color of my pool



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                                Mike Ornellas Level 3

                                You are like child. Run around, make noise. Small thinking.

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                                  Aegis Kleais Level 3

                                  Come on man, that's pitiful.


                                  Now you're just using the same insults I've used on you?  I guess asking you to continue the lie was too taxing on you.  Pity, too, cause the original tangent you went off on was hil-freaking-larious.  I'm disappointed in your that you couldn't keep it up.  But I really didn't expect 2 miracles in a day's time, to be honest with you.

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                                    retouchMOJO Level 1

                                    Please end this. Hundreds of contributors to this forum do not need 

                                    this flurry of pointless emails

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                                      Reynolds (Mark) Level 4

                                      Aegis Kleais  - there is nothing wrong with your Feature Request. To be able to quickly create grids with gutters, bleeds included- would be useful and time saving. In particular, there are MANY times when you want to quickly create 4 guides to outline a bleed area - a dialog to create this would be much appreciated.

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                                        Aegis Kleais Level 3

                                        That's all I'm saying.  It's an increase to workflow; if someone doesn't want to use it, and instead manually drag out and estimate the process, they're welcome to it; those of us who know about a Guidemaker would just use it instead.  I do all my website mockups in Photoshop, and aligning work to a grid makes for a great composition.