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    How can I build a more 'professional' looking menu, with more text boxes?

    BobLG NJ Level 1

      Just moving to Premiere Elements 8 (from Roxio's Easy Media Creator 10). Want to build a more professional looking menu with extra text boxes saying copyright, date of performance, etc. Pre8 seems to limit to very rigid format based on which template I choose. (while most are great for someone's 7th birthday, am surprised none look like a business would use them). Do not see info in help screens or the book I bought that say how to add extra text boxes or movie buttons.
      Thank you for any suggestions.

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          nealeh Level 5

          You are pretty much limited to dragging preset buttons, editing their text and graphics. To control your menu design you need to look at alternative products. If you also have Premiere Pro it has Adobe Encore (that cannot be purchased separately).


          Sony DVD Architect gets good reviews here and on the Muvipix forums. Steve Grisetti has tutorials for it at MuviPix and has written a book about it.


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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            I love DVD Architect Studio! It's available as a $39.95 download from the Sony site.


            Meantime, my Photoshop/Premiere Elements combined books tell you how to hack the templates to modify them any way you want, if you'd rather stay with the Adobe Elements products.


            The DVD Architect as well as the Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements books are available on Amazon.com (just search my name) and at the Muvipix.com store.

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              BobLG NJ Level 1

              Thank you for the info. You saved me a lot of time in trial and error work.

              I will check out the suggested software and books.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                One can easily add additional text to the Menu Sets (comprised of a Main Menu & a Scene Selection Menu) in PS/PSE. However, I strongly advise that one Copy over the folder contents from the chosen Menu Set to a new sub-folder in the same hierarchy, and perhaps change that name to reflect "Edited," etc.. Then, that new Menu Set will be reflected in the appropriate drop-down selection menu.


                For graphics/text, as you suggest, one would just add these elements, and do a Save. Study the PSD file's naming convention, and in the middle, add the word "Edit," so that you will know what you have in that folder. Note: the matching PNG images are the thumbnails that you see, in the Create Menus tab. I would also redo those, so that you can see your changes in the thumbnails, and know what you are working with, and also make the appropriate file name changes, as you did with the .PSD's.


                I recommend adopting such a workflow and NOT editing the original Menus.


                Also, Muvipix.com has many new Menu Sets, and these are either download for a price, but if you subscribe, you will have access to all of them, plus stock motion Assets, and original music. In addition, one gets full access to all of Steve G's. great Learning Series and tons of his articles and tutorials. Does not take long, before the price of the subscription has paid for itself and much, much more.


                Now, I use Adobe Encore for my authoring. It's like PrE's authoring, but on steroids (major steroids), but it gives up any automation, so all is done by hand. OTOH, the Menus can be adapted in unlimited ways, with the Edit in Photoshop feature. Also, because one is then working with an Instance of the Library Menus, and NOT the original Menus, the Library content is NOT altered in any way, so one does not need to do that Copy/Rename process. With the loss of automation, comes unlimited power (I love POWER).


                Sony's DVD Architect gets high marks around here, and on Muvipix, but I am not sure of the method to edit its Menus. They are not .PSD format (easily edited in PS/PSE), but I'll bet that Steve covers that aspect in great detail, in his book.


                To get an idea of working with the PrE Menu Sets, this ARTICLE discusses changing the motion background AV. This is not exactly what you want, but the general steps might be helpful.


                Good luck,