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    Flex / Back-end

      I have been working with flex at the fron end and amfphp at the back end.
      It iis very impresive what you can do with that setup. The performance is very good too.

      My only concern is that somethimes when flex uses a remote object to call the php classes in the server i got a faultevent. If i make the same call again it will run just perfect. It is something ramdon.

      My question is:

      Can you tell me what back end would be the better partner for flex?
      Any sugestions will be very apreciated.

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          batmitra Level 1
          It all depends on what you're doing because flex can have almost anything as a backend.

          I work with ,Net on the background, but there are few resources concerning this kind of partnership comparing with the uge volume of information existing for flex with PHP, this is a thing to consider too the amount of information, because sometimes when i need to do something that i don't know how i search on Google for flex and php.
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            I recommend Adobe ColdFusion ... obviously it is a great partner with Flex. ColdFusion 8 makes it even easier to integrate with many back-ends, in addition to many clients, like Flex. If you're looking for a fast transition to something new, ColdFusion offers the fastest learning curve.