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    Help! DV files - metadata - crashing




      This if my first post here and I'm hoping someone has some great tips to help me along with my personal project. I apologize up front for the long post, but wanted to describe what I was doing first, followed by my related questions.


      I'm still fairly wet behind the ears with Premiere Pro (CS5) but did use the program (version 1.5) some in art school, so I know how to get around and do most things. I'm also very familiar with adding metadata (keywords, copyright dates, etc.) in digital photos by way of Adobe Bridge. However, something that is new to me is metadata within video files inside Premiere Pro. I'm running into some issues and hope you can assist.


      I have captured all my home videos from miniDV tapes and even old VHS and VHS-C tapes (by way of Digital pass-thru). For each tape I captured with Scene Detection turned on, so that separate clips would be created instead of one large file. So now I have tons of video files waiting to be edited. I want to for example take all the videos of my daughter (the best parts) and create one movie. But I literally have 1,793 individual files that I need to go through.


      What I'm doing is importing groups of them at a time into Premiere Pro and I'm adding keywords of people who are in the shot in the "Subject" field and "Log Note" of the metadata. I am also doing the Analyze Content for Face and Speech on those videos (letting it run over night in large batches). This has been working out great for the most, but it is very time-consuming and I'm maybe half-way through. I have to literally scrub through each clip and note the names of people to add to metadata.


      The problem is I keep having a lot of PPro crashes and as a result either lose some of the metadata I previously entered or the Face/Speech encoding disappears, which is frustrating. In a couple cases, the crashes caused PPro to prompt me to save the project file with a new name and attempted to recover what it could.


      I haven't even started the editing process yet.


      Here are my questions.


      1. I'm not sure how many clips I can import into one Sequence. These are all DV AVI files. I've been breaking up the groups into separate project files, where one project has 675 clips; another has 487 clips. I still have many more clips to go. It seems PPro slows down if I have too many clips.


      2. Is there an efficient way to manage all these DV files and add the metadata without risk of crashes/loss of progress? I simply want to be able to get it all setup so that I can type my daughter's name in the Project search to get all clips where she's in them so I can add only those to the timeline. Then I want to do the same with my son, etc. Eventually I want to add Descriptions to each clip to describe what is happening in the clip instead of just names of people.


      3. Since I have been breaking groups into multiple projects and there are so many files, I'm not sure how I'll be able to get all the clips with my daughter if some are in one project and others are spread across 3 or 4 other projects. Any tips?


      Here are my system specs in case this helps:



      Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

      ASUS P5W DH Deluxe Motherboard

      Intel Core2 Extreme QX6700 Quad-Core processor (2.66 GHz)

      8GB quality Corsair Dominator RAM (CAS CS4 rating -- set to 4-4-4-12 in BIOS)

      NVidia GeForce 8800 GTX video card with 768MB DDR3 Video RAM (with latest NVideo Drivers)


      SoundBlaster X-Fi Fatal1ty Champion Series sound card



      Western Digital Velociraptor 300GB SATA Hard Drive (for main Operating System)

      Western Digital Caviar Black 2TB SATA Hard Drive (formatted NTFS with 64K clusters dedicated for video editing only)

           - I have my Windows Page File statically configured for 12 GB size on this drive

      Pioneer BDR-205 Blu-Ray Reader/Writer

      Logitech G15 Gaming keyboard

      Logitech G9x Gaming mouse


      I do not run many startup applications other than logitech mouse/keyboard, windows gadgets, and anti-virus

      I have Kaspersky Internet Security Suite 2010, which does not use much resources at all

      In Kaspersky, Premiere Pro and other Adobe apps are trusted/protected applications

      In Kaspersky I also have all the folders with the video files and Premiere Pro projects excluded from any AV scanning

           - I do not usually turn off Kaspersky and I don't think it's affecting the problem I seem to be having.


      I appreciate your time!


      Thank you,



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Welcome to the forum.


          Your first efforts should go into making the system more stable. Even though it says Vista, it also applies to Win7: Adobe Forums: Guide for installing and tuning a Vista...


          Continue with  Windows 7 Service Configurations by Black Viper


          and then check with Process Explorer you have no more than 40 - 50 processes running. Once you have cleaned up a bit, stability should improve, but the best chance of improving your system is by adding one or two internal SATA 7200 disks.


          Less than 2,000 clips is a smallish project and should easily be handled with PR. The increasing slowness of the project when adding more clips is because you have not tuned your system and you have only 1 dedicated disk.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Harm is working on the stability issues, and has offered some initial suggestions. I am sure that more will come.


            Though not of use now, I use a very slightly different workflow at Capture. Since Capture is RT, I have a "chart" that I print out, and during the Capture, I log aspects of each Clip. This is not an automatic operation, as I am sitting with a pencil in hand, writing notations on each Clip. These, however, are very useful alter on.


            Especially with VHS Capture, I will be able to log even more info, as I am doing a start/stop operation there. With miniDV tape, it goes by a bit faster, and the Scene Detect is much more automatic.


            When done, and before I begin to edit, I sit with my charts, filled in by hand, and enter that data into the wordprocessor with the chart as my template, making corrections, or adding additional annotations. When I go to organize the Project, I have my printed charts to go from.


            This gives me something to do, during Capture (less time to abuse coffee ), and gives me a leg up for the next steps.


            You are beyond that now, so only keep the possibility in mind for next time.


            Now, with your metadata, I am not sure exactly which fields from the Project Panel will be transferred to the Media. Maybe Harm will address that, and why some of your entries are not recording, beyond the fields in the Project Panel, which is most likely attached to the Project, and some of which might not exist beyond the Project, i.e. will NOT be recorded to the media.


            Also, since your AV files are DV-AVI, Bridge/Media Browser should offer some extra power, with regards to defining and organizing your Assets. It has been improved and given much more power, than my older version, so might prove useful for this.


            As for the size of the Project, and the number of Assets on the Timeline, I agree with Harm, that your Project is well within any program limitation. I would also suspect that the system is the limiting factor here.


            Along with Harm's tips, this ARTICLE might give you some suggestions. Note: some, especially down-thread, is a duplication of Harm's links, so if you have "been there, done that," just ignore those.


            BTW - well-written and useful post - especially for your first one. Good job, and good luck, and...  welcome again!



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              I don't know if this will help with workflow...but it might...


              I recently captured a project of mini DV tapes and created a folder on my hard drive for each tape....


              If necessary I could also create additional folders to split the content of each folder / tape according to subject or whatever..


              Then ( I use CS3 ) I imported the whole folder in the project, which creates a bin just for those clips in that folder...


              I made a new sequence ( timeline ) for each tape bin...so I could put each tape ( bin ) into it's own timeline...and one timeline (sequence) I created called "rough cut"....to be used later


              Then I put those files ( say from tape1 bin ) into the corrosponding timeline through the source monitor...basically editing out the junk and just bringing down the useful video to the timeline...


              Then as you go through your timelines and choose what to put into your "rough cut" timeline I raise those sections (clips) up one video level on the original timeline...that just makes it easy to visually see what you've already used (moved to rough cut )....so you don't waste time scrubbing through stuff you already chose to use.


              By having each tape in it's own bin it makes it easier to handle all those files...

              By copy paste you easily move the chosen video to your rough cut....so you still have them on your original timelines for each tape.