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    TabNavigator's tab dynamic visibility handling problem.

    Tejas S Patel Level 1

      Hello All,

      I am facing problem in TabNavigator component.

      My application has one tabnavigator with 4 tabs. (T1,T2,T3,T4)

      Tabs visibility is depend on data which are load in those tabs.

      If data is getting Null from database for T2, T2 tab will not displayed. Only other 3 are displayed.

      I have tried this....

      myTabNavigator.getTabAt(myTabNavigator.getChildIndex(myT2tab)).visible = false;
      myTabNavigator.getTabAt(myTabNavigator.getChildIndex(myT2tab)).includeInLayout = false;


      but problem is if once tab is hide by above code, will not visible again by setting visibile & includeInLayout property to true.

      Anyone else noticed this, have any suggestions?

      Thank you.