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    HTML 5 photo website



      I am a professional photographer and am looking to remake my website.  My current site is in flash and I notice that the majority of photographer's sites are in flash. 


      I love the flash photo gallery on this website. 




      Is there a way to make a photo gallery similar to this in HTML 5?  I am familiar with flash web programming but not with HTML, so I don't know what it's capabilities are.   I would prefer to make the site in Flash, but am nervous that HTML 5 is the future .


      Thanks for any help!

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          scottharris Level 1

          Thanks for your help.  I don't like the "plus" sign loader anyway.  I just like the gallery itself.

          Would it be recommended to make this site is html5, xhtml and css3 or javascript as you mentioned.

          Or would it be better to make a flash site and then  create a separate ipad / iphone site in html so everyone can view it.

          I want the site to look the best possible so I would consider making flash and html versions if necessary.