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    Unable to use installed Flash Builder 4 after having uninstalled Trial

    Richard Greene2/UK/IBM

      I have been using the Flash Builder 4 trial for a while now, and have since purchased a version of the software to use on my project.  However, despite having uninstalled the trial version and run the recommended registry cleaning scripts, whenever I install the purchased version of Flash Builder 4 and try to use it, I see the splash screen for the trial version coming up.


      It has an option to enter a serial number, six sets of four digits each, but the serial number on the back of the my Flash Builder 4 disc case is only eight digits long total, and doesn't fit that space.  Even then, I would not expect to see the splash screen, which explicitly mentions the trial, coming up after having uninstalled the trial.


      If in uninstall the paid version, running eclipse does not cause the splash screen to appear.  However, as soon as I do install it, and try to run with it, the trial version spalsh screen appears again.


      I had asked for help preivously, case number: #0203692609


      But the registry cleaning programs I was recommended there have not stopped the issue.